Discover the Chuy’s Difference

We're known for our menu of made-from-scratch dishes, fresh-squeezed lime juice margaritas, large portions, and a fun, eclectic atmosphere. What does all this mean? Let's dig in! (pun intended 😉) 

It's no secret that we use fresh, never frozen ingredients in each dish. Your favorite Tex-Mex meal is made-from-scratch every day in our kitchens. We even make our tortillas by hand in small batches throughout the day! And no joke, our freezers are just about the same size as the freezer you have in your house; and just like you, we use them for storing ice cream. It's all about fresh, and we know you can taste the delicious difference. 🤤

Taco and Enchi­la­da Combo with a House Frozen Lime Rocks Rita and Soft Tacos with a Grand Ma’s Rockin’ Rita

Speaking of tasting the difference...our bartenders hand-squeeze limes every morning for our world-famous 'Ritas. 💚 On the rocks or frozen? Either way you can't go wrong with a fresh-squeezed lime juice 'Rita. And while you're at it, make it a Grande - its 5 o'clock somewhere!  

House and Grande Lime Rocks Ritas

Everything's bigger in Tex-Mex. At Chuy's were known for huge plates of fresh food that will satisfy any hunger at a price that leaves you with enough to order the guacamole...and maybe another round of 'Ritas, don't worry we wont tell! 👀 

Gua­camole and Grande Frozen Straw­ber­ry Rita

We've got enormous combo plates so you can have a little taste of everything on the menu. You'll probably leave stuffed and with a To Go box.  

Appe­tiz­er Plate with Grand Ma’s Rockin’ Rita and House Rocks Lime Rita

At Chuy's we like to say, "If you've seen one Chuy's, you've seen one Chuy's." Every restaurant has its own personality, but they still have those Chuy's touches you recognize like the hand-carved wooden fish "swimming" from the ceiling, the hubcaps hanging above your booth and the Elvis shrine. We keep each of these eclectic touches in all Chuy's, but our decor team works hard to find special, one of kind pieces that make your Chuy's unique. 😎

Mil Pescado

Now, that's enough talking about it... Find your local Chuy's here