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Chuy’s Pembroke Pines, FL Now Hiring!

Chuy's Pembroke Pines is NOW HIRING for all positions.

Apply online now!

Or apply in person, at our hiring trailer - 10610 Pines Blvd.

Mon - Fri 9:00am - 8:00pm   Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Call (954) 764-9799 with questions

The History of National Margarita Day at Chuy’s

Nothing pairs better with the authentic flavor of Tex-Mex than a classic margarita. Crafted from fresh-squeezed lime juice and tequila, one of Mexico’s most famous crops. Just like our food, we pride ourselves on offering the world’s best (and freshest) Margarita. Taking any and all opportunities to share the love of this one-of-a-kind cocktail by celebrating National Margarita Day with fun-fare and drink specials at all Chuy’s locations. The history of the beloved Rita isn’t “straight up”, some say Todd McCalla, a US Real Estate broker, founded National Margarita Day in very recent years to spread his love for margaritas around the world. Others say Restaurant owner, Carlos Herrera invented this day in 1938. However, legend has it Don Carlous Orozco, a Bartender at Hussong’s Cantina in Mexico, invented this holiday in October of 1941 while whipping up a drink for Margarita Henkel, daughter of the German Ambassador at the time. Upon making this drink, he handed it over and made international history with the drink we all know and love today- The Margarita!

Although the origin of National Margarita Day is still a mystery, Chuy’s has been celebrating this special day since 2014 with no plans of slowing down. Our founders Mike Young and John Zapp wanted to create a fun place to have a drink, a good time and enjoy the FRESHEST, made-from-scratch Tex-Mex on the planet. With an atmosphere like this, National Margarita Day + Chuy’s = the perfect pairing.


Creating the perfect Margarita isn’t easy (and anyone who tell you otherwise is lying). It starts early each day when our hard-working staff arrives to begin hand-squeezing limes. This really adds up and each year we’ll go through over 97,340 cases of limes. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop here, we make our own sugar water in-house so you’ll never find any pre-made margarita mixes here! We believe our fans can taste the difference and deserve only the very best.

 You may not be a margarita drinker (yet) but we have a Rita for you! Choose from the Chuy’s Famous Rocks, Frozen, Swirled or Dot. Either way, we’ve got a flavor that’s sure to WOW you. Look for our rotating seasonal flavors or pick from our tried & true favorites like our TX Martini, served in a martini shaker with jalapeño stuffed olives or the New Mexican Martini with green chile infused el Jimador tequila. We’re making it easier than ever to enjoy the amazing Margarita by offering you the freshest ingredients and flavors so you can focus on more important decisions, like “salt or no salt”.


Chuy’s Southport, IN Now Hiring!

Chuy's Southport is NOW HIRING for all positions.

Apply online now!

Or apply in person, at our hiring trailer - 4670 Southport Crossing Drive

Mon - Sat 8:00am - 6:00pm

Call (317) 678-9393 with questions

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