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Free Nacho Car Weekdays 4-7pm

Enjoy the Chuy's full-loaded Nacho Car every Monday-Friday from 4-7pm during happy hour. Get free chips, salsa, creamy jalapeño, queso, taco meat and more! Just because you and everyone else had the same bright idea to come to Chuy's, doesn't mean we'll let you get hangry waiting for a table. Grab a snack, and a margarita and relax: you're at Chuy's.

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The History Behind our Elvis Obsession

​Walking into Chuy’s you see colorful hand-painted wooden fish hanging from the ceiling, 6ft tall palm trees, bright neon signs, shiny hubcaps and our signature classic Nacho Car! Our “Burning Love” for nostalgic décor is all around but especially with the custom-made Elvis Shrines. Fitting in perfectly with the motto ”If you’ve seen one Chuys, you’ve seen one Chuy’s.” Meaning every restaurant has a different layout, special Nacho Car and unique Elvis shrine!

Why Elvis? When Chuy’s first opened in 1982 in Austin, TX there was little money for restaurant décor. Chuy’s founders, Mike Young and John Zapp, hit the streets with $20 in search of something to put on the walls. The oversized velvet painting of Elvis they returned with changed the course of Chuy’s history forever. Soon, customers were donating memorabilia and Elvis was officially named the Parton Saint of Chuy’s. We have been constructing shrines in his honor and celebrating his birthday ever since!


We have our customers to thank for our Elvis obsession. During our early years, we set up a late-night Happy Hour to drum up business. A table with free chips, salsa, queso and more was placed under his velvet painting and quickly became known as the Elvis Presley Memorial Nacho Bar. Later, an ad was placed in the paper promoting our Happy Hour and fans everywhere agreed, we “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with The King.

The Story doesn’t end here. “One Night” in Dallas, after a busy shift an employee was cleaning the floor and something caught his eye. A tortilla laying on the floor with what looked to be Elvis’ face. In disbelief, he showed his manager who agreed. It WAS Elvis! The “Image of Elvis Appears on Tortilla” would spread world-wide, creating crowds of people wanting to come see it. Still commemorating this miracle, medallions were printed bearing the image of Elvis on a tortilla, becoming a “Good Luck Charm” for fans everywhere! This momentous occasion has happened again in Humble in recent years so be sure you’re keeping an eye out for his appearance on your next tortilla.

Chuy’s loves any reason to party. From anniversaries, to graduations, to birthdays, celebrations here are just more fun! To make sure Elvis is “Always On My Mind”, we throw him a birthday bash every year on January 8th celebrating his glory, music and more. With specials fit for The King, our signature Blue Hawaiian keeps fans “All Shook Up”. Die-hard fans are seen dressed as Elvis (or his better half, Priscilla) and receive a free entrée.

The festivities continue with specials on his name-sake items. Such as the Elvis Presley Combo and the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken, a tender chicken breast breaded in Lay’s® potato chips and fried to a golden brown. Served with Green Chile Sauce and cheese! We’re sure if Elvis would have tried this dish, “Love Me Tender” would have a whole different meaning. The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo lives up to the hype with a sampling of enchiladas and sauces. Known as the rainbow plate for a reason. This entrée includes a beef Tex-Mex enchilada, a cheese Ranchero enchilada and a chicken Tomatillo enchilada. Completed by the “Priscilla Plate”, a crispy beef taco and homemade tostada chips dipped in queso. ‘Cause we all know Elvis was always better with Priscilla.


From his rock and roll, to his acting, Elvis’ memory is alive and well at Chuy’s. Next time you’re in and find yourself having “A Little Less Conversation”, then look around because at Chuy’s, Elvis has never left the building.  





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